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Documentation tool for AWS Architectures

CloudCatalog is an Open Source project that helps you document your AWS resources, services and assign owners.

Powered by markdown, components and CLI tools.

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Static site generator for your architecture

Import your AWS resources into CloudCatalog powered by the @cloudcatalog/cli.

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Import resources.
Use the CloudCatalog CLI to import any aws resource directly into your Catalog.
Static website
Catalog renders a static website you can host anywhere.
Users and teams
Create users and teams in your Catalog. Assign them resources or services.
Powered by markdown
Every resource is a markdown file, you can add as much detail as you want with supported CloudCatalog components.
Keep up to date
Use CloudCatalog utils to keep your resources up to date.
Join the community, learn from each other and help shape the project.


Import any AWS resource

Import and document your AWS resources directly into your Catalog. Import any resource from any account. Use markdown to document your resources, group them by service and assign owners.

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Create users and teams

Assign your resources or services owners. Owners can be users or teams. Let others know who owns which resource or service in your architecture.

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Documentation is often overlooked and often required to help scale teams and understand domains. CloudCatalog was built to help you document your AWS architectures.

Developer Advocate @ AWS - Creator of EventCatalog and CloudCatalog

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