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⚡️ CloudCatalog will help you document your AWS architecture in no time.

⚡️ CloudCatalog is designed to help you document and capture your resources, services and owners.

⚡️ Ease of use, developer experience and managing maintenance overhead is key to this project. That's why we try to focus on simplifying the experience.


In 2022 we created EventCatalog, a tool that allows you to document your event-driven architecture. CloudCatalog is a fork of EventCatalog, that allows you to document your AWS architecture.

When documenting architectures we tend to lean to architecture diagrams, OpenAPI Specifications or custom wikis that help us document our systems but can we do more?

What if we could:

  • Document resources in seconds
  • Use Markdown to document our architecture.
  • Enrich our documentation with custom components
  • Group AWS resources in services and assign owners (users or teams) to them
  • Help developers understand our architecture with simple diagrams and markdown content, and more...

Say hello to CloudCatalog.

CloudCatalog is designed to help people understand, document and discover their AWS Architectures.

We can do so much more to document our Architectures.

CloudCatalog is Open Source and hopefully it can add value to your teams.

Core Features

CloudCatalog is designed to allow teams to easily document their AWS architectures.

  • 🚀 Built with AWS Architectures in mind
    • Write documentation for resources, services and owners
    • Extendable architecture for future resources (looking for contributors)
    • Assign resources and services owners
    • Use the @cloudcatalog/cli to import resources directly into your catalog
  • Import resources
  • ✂️ Developer experience
    • Start writing your docs right now
    • Universal configuration entry point to make it more maintainable by contributors
    • Static website, deploy anywhere.

Staying informed

Something missing?

If you find issues with the documentation or have suggestions on how to improve the documentation or the project in general, please file an issue for us.