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Adding users

You can add users to your Catalog by adding them to your cloudcatalog.config.js file.

Each user needs a unique id.

Example of users in a catalog

module.exports = {
title: "CloudCatalog",
tagline: "Discover, Explore and Document your AWS Architectures",
organizationName: "Your Company",
editUrl: "",
trailingSlash: true,
logo: {
alt: "EventCatalog Logo",
src: "logo.svg",
users: [
id: "dboyne",
name: "David Boyne",
role: "Developer",
summary: "Currently building tools for Event Architectures.",
teams: ["payment-team"],
id: "mSmith",
name: "Matthew Smith",
avatarUrl: "",
role: "Developer",
"About Fugiat ipsum ipsum deserunt culpa aute sint do nostrud anim incididunt cillum culpa consequat.",
teams: ["user-team"],

In this example we have two users:

  • David Boyne (dboyne)
  • Matthew Smith (mSmith)

To add users to your project, you can edit the users array in the cloudcatalog.config.js file.