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Adding teams

You should be able to add Teams to your catalog within a few steps.

Adding Teams to your CloudCatalog

You will find all teams within the /data/teams directory.

To add a new team you will need to create a new team file

  • /data/teams/{team-name}/
    • (example /data/services/Epic Team/

Once you create your new file you will need to fill it with the service front-matter data and markdown content.

There are two parts to the team data

  1. service configuration (frontmatter)
  2. content (markdown)

Fill in the details of your team and run the Catalog.

Example of adding a Team

Let's add a new service called Epic Team.

Create a new folder in the /data/teams/ called Epic Team and then add an file to it. For example: /data/teams/Epic Team/

Copy the contents below into your new file.

/data/teams/Epic Team/
id: epic-team
summary: The Payment Service, leveraging AWS Lambda functions, provides a scalable and efficient solution for end-to-end payment processing and notifications.
name: Epic Team

### Empowering Transactions with Cutting-Edge Technology

This is an epic team, we can add any markdown here we want!

Once done, run the CloudCatalog and navigate to your new event localhost:3000/teams/epic-team

You should now see your new team!

Well done. You created your first team 🎉.