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Adding users to teams

Once you have added some teams to your Catalog and also added some users to your Catalog you can now add users to teams.

To do this you will need to edit the cloudcatalog.config.js file in your catalog.


Let's say we have a new team called Epic Team (which you can create here). We can assign users to this epic team. Let's make changes to the cloudcatalog.config.js file.

module.exports = {
title: "CloudCatalog",
tagline: "Discover, Explore and Document your AWS Architectures",
organizationName: "Your Company",
editUrl: "",
trailingSlash: true,
logo: {
alt: "EventCatalog Logo",
src: "logo.svg",
users: [
id: "dboyne",
name: "David Boyne",
role: "Developer",
summary: "Currently building tools for Event Architectures.",
teams: ["epic-team"],
id: "mSmith",
name: "Matthew Smith",
avatarUrl: "",
role: "Developer",
"About Fugiat ipsum ipsum deserunt culpa aute sint do nostrud anim incididunt cillum culpa consequat.",
teams: ["epic-team"],

That's it. We have added both users dboyne and mSmith to the team Epic Team.


When you create a team you will give it an id field. This id value is what you use when mapping users to teams.

To learn more about the cloudcatalog.config.js you can read the api docs